The ACCURATE TOOLS was established in 1983 by Mr. P.D Gupta on standardization of production and achieving control on the strings of quality. We have been adding product after product in the range of our manufactures.
We are considered to be one of the leading most manufacturers of full range of High Tensile Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Construction Products & Special Dyeing Items.

We are well equipped with latest machines-to gain and control uniform teeth profiles, accurate dimension most precision and exact fitments with mass production at each stage of production process. We are always ready to accept new technology and innovative ability to supply quality assured product as per customer requirements.

Ever since our inspection, we have been adding a feather after feather in the cap of our growth. Our key attention has all along been on our commitment to quality, maintaining a trained and motivated workforce research and development cell, new products and unique customer oriented approach.

It is because if this inevitable approach, reputed companies have been working with us right from the beginning and backing us with their technological and innovative support.

We shall remain committed to deliver best of quality products and see that our customers are not only satisfied but remain wedded to us. We believe in achieving total quality control, adoption of top quality and management system in true and real sense.


We have modern machinery and equipments to ensure and maintain quality at all steps. We have latest quality testing machine and control method and highly motivated technicians, professionals, skilled and well trained work force to continuous improvement in quality. The company has the ability to supply multi products orders within delivery schedule to market around the globe.


The other major reasons are the trust and confidence of our customer upon Accurate Tools as we honor our commitments for quality, specifications and specific requirements. Developing the products as per specific requirements of our customers is the continues process.


Accurate Tools is organized by different processing and manufacturing techniques. Our unit is well equipped with state of art machine/ processing tools and their respective research and development facilities.


We at Accurate Tools believe in team work, so all the people belonging to Accurate Tools including its Worker, Management, Buyer, and Supplier are the partners of our growth. Everyone shares the glory of success and bear the blame for failures. Teamwork also means everyone working on a process or problem has same say in decisions

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